5 Best Mid Lane Heroes in Mobile Legend 2024

Instead of getting rid of boredom by leaving the house and spending some money, you can get free entertainment by playing Mobile Legends. For beginner players, of course it will feel very boring when starting the game, because they don’t understand the rules of the game at all. Apart from that, there are many choices of heroes who have different abilities for you to understand first before starting the game.

There is no need to be confused about learning the Mobile Legends game, because there are tutorials for playing Mobile Legends for beginners which can be found on YouTube. When you have learned playing techniques and recognized some of the best heroes in your opinion, you can start the game in Classic mode which will help you better understand the game conditions and attack tactics of various heroes chosen by your own team or the opposing team.

Recommendations for the Strongest Mid Lane Hero in Mobile Legends 2024

As additional information to improve your game to be better and more professional, you need to know about the best heroes that can be adapted to your playing abilities. There are 6 divisions of heroes based on their roles, namely Marksman, Mage, Tank, Support, Fighter, Assassin. This time we will discuss the role of the Mage hero who is tasked with guarding the middle arena (Mid Lane). Hero Mage is quite easy to use and has long-range damage which allows you to win battles effectively. So, here is a collection of the best Mid Lane Mobile Legends heroes recommended for you:


Cecilion is a Mage hero who is increasingly relied on by many players in Ranked battles. With a fairly wide damage range, this hero makes it easy to target and paralyze enemies. Cecilion’s giant bat skill deals quite high damage, making it easy to farm. Before using this hero, you must know several of Cecilion’s advantages as follows:

  • Has Great Damage
    Cecilion has a high ultimate attack by releasing a number of bats which will attack the enemy continuously. Of course, the enemy’s heal will decrease quickly and give the team the opportunity to finish off the enemy in an instant.
  • Best Crowd Control Effect
    Cecilion’s 2nd skill is the best trap in the form of a giant bite that will stop the enemy in a few moments. Combining the use of skills 2 and 3, of course, you can finish off your opponent in a matter of seconds. Can control these skills correctly, of course more than 1 enemy can be killed quickly.
  • Getting High Ground
    Entering the late game with level 15, which Cecilion has reached, will of course make Cecilion a very strong Mage hero. Stacks that have been collected a lot will deal increasingly painful damage to the enemy. Apart from that, Cecilion’s defense will also increase and provide High Ground which is very influential in the team.


Novaria is the best Mage hero that anyone can rely on when playing Classic or Rank mode. Novaria’s hero’s long attacks are very helpful in teamfights to paralyze enemies more quickly. Apart from that, Novaria’s Astral Recall skill provides high Magic Damage which releases Astral Sphere balls in the specified direction. The farther the enemy is from Novaria, the greater the damage received. Also know some of Novaria’s advantages as follows:

  • Passive Skill – Star Trail
    Attacks given to the enemy will leave a Mark from the Astral Sphere shot. Within a certain time, the Mark will explode causing Magic Damage equivalent to 15% of the target’s max HP.
  • Skill 1 – Astral Meteor
    Novaria’s ability to cast Magic Damage balls on targets will create a circle that has an effect on every enemy that has been trapped. The Magic Ball will deliver several hits to paralyze the enemy more quickly. This skill also provides a slow effect of 10% to affected enemies and 80% additional damage to minions.
  • Skill 2 – Astral Recall
    In skill 2, Novaria will summon Astra Sphered from a distance which deals 150 + 40% Magic Damage to enemies in its path. At the same time, Novaria will gain Movement Speed ​​and be able to penetrate walls. When Novaria comes into contact with the Astral Sphere, it will cause an explosion at the enemy unit with a maximum of 200% additional damage based on the duration of the movement.
  • Ultimate Skill – Astral Echo
    The Astra Echo skill delivers a shot towards the target with 200 (+30% total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the surrounding area. The target’s Hitbox size will increase by 50% for 5 seconds. To use Novaria’s hero effectively, activate skill 1 which has a slow effect and then continue skill 2 with large damage, thus providing high mobility that can penetrate walls for 2 seconds.


Currently, Kadita is popularly used by Mage hero fans because it has an attractive appearance and is equipped with quite a large ability to paralyze individual enemies. However, it cannot be denied that this hero is sometimes forgotten because his performance can be lower than the performance of new heroes. Of course, there are several advantages of Kadita that you can know to appear more confident when using this hero, namely

  • Huge Burst Damage
    Kadita can cause huge damage, even compared to most Mage heroes, especially when she has core items such as Holy Crystal and Lightning Truncheon. Which when the damage is dealt can finish off the target quickly.
  • Flexible Build
    Kadita is a Mage hero who is very flexible. He can use various types of builds from full damage to full tank based on the conditions that occur in the game which can be adjusted.
  • Wide Attack Area
    Hero Mage has a fairly wide attack area, giving him the opportunity to hunt enemies from a distance. Kadita has the skills Breath of the Ocean and Rough Waves which deal great damage, so she can paralyze enemies quickly. Apart from that, Crowd Control from Breath of the Ocean has a fairly long effect, so it has become Kadita’s mainstay which is feared by opponents.


Valir is a Mage hero who controls fire as his main weapon. Valir has the opportunity to become the best support hero with strong damage, making it easier for the team to paralyze enemies more quickly. Valir’s greatness lies in his Ultimate skill, namely Vegenance Flame, which makes him immune to Crowd Control given by the enemy. To be able to use this hero effectively, you can find out some of the best advantages of the Valir hero as follows:

  • Has Very Good Crowd Control
    Valir has quite high Crowd Control which makes him a deadly hero for the opposing team. It’s not surprising that Mage fans really like using this hero in Classic or Rank battles. With his ability to knock back opponents who are quite sick, it really helps the team as the best support hero.
  • Strong in the Early Game
    At the start of the game, Valir gives Valir the opportunity to dominate the playing field because he has strong damage. This makes it easier for Valir to finish off the minions and makes the enemy quite weak against him. That way, his team can hunt more freely.
  • Absolute Guard Ability
    It could be said that Valir is a flexible hero in battle. Apart from being a Mage, he can be a support hero who helps his team hunt enemies quite easily. By using skills that have a slow effect, it really helps the team to kill. The reduced Heal Valir can of course increase again when eliminating minions or forest monsters.


Hero Valentina is tasked with guarding Mid Lane, of course she needs the support of other heroes to fight. Because in the early game it was quite risky for Valentina to fight alone because of her weak abilities. At least by reaching level 10, this hero can gain more confidence to fight because he has acquired the best skills. To be able to rely on Valentina effectively, you need to know some of the advantages of this hero, as follows:

  • Best Ultimate Skill
    Valentina has extraordinary Ultimate skills that can take old Ultimates as her strength. In other words, Valentina has 6 Ultimate skills which really help the team in winning matches effectively.
  • Has High Damage
    Equipped with high damage, Valentina can support the team to knock down towers and paralyze enemies. This hero’s strength can be felt even stronger when he is in the late game. With a short cooldown, Valentina can spam skills continuously, causing the enemy to lose a lot of blood.
  • Has Great Regeneration
    Valentina has a very large HP regeneration rate from her passive skill. If the opponent has a lower level than Valentina, then 60% of the resulting damage can be their HP. That way, there is no need to carry out continuous recalls to restore blood.

Those are the recommendations for the 5 best Mid Lane heroes that you can rely on to win battles in both Classic and Rank mode. Increase your hero’s Emblem level to gain greater strength to make it easier to finish off your opponent.